Here's a summary of the best known touristic destinations in or near to the Intag zone.

Nangulvi geothermal baths.  Quite a well-developed touristic complex, with the baths, restaurant and cabaña style accomodation.

Piñan lakes.  2 lakes in an altiplano setting - great for camping, trout fishing, and getting away from it all.

Wariman sacred burial site - The now extinct Yumbo people had a major burial and worship site here, in the parish of Peñaherrera.  There's a a museum and a zipline.

Junin cloudforest reserve.  Situated low down in the Intag valley, this reserve has beautiful waterfalls and a tropical feel to the vegetation and wildlife. Junin is also the site of a major copper mining concession, so it's a great place to visit if you are interested in environmental issues. 

Cuicocha - this is a crater lake set at the foot of Cotacachi volcano - it has a well-marked walk, that takes around 4 hours to complete, plus a restaurant and a hotel. Access is easy using a taxi from the nearby village of Quiroga. This is one of the most visited destinations in Ecuador for lovers of nature.

Otavalo. - pleasant large town, centre of indigenous culture and textile industry. The major arts and crafts market (supposedly the biggest of its kind in Latin America) takes place each saturday.  Also from Otavalo, it's only a short taxi drive to see the Parque del Condor - a well-run bird sanctuary.

Intag tourism, spanish school and volunteer program.
Great place for guided tours of Intag, also to learn spanish in Intag and help the local community as you learn.  Located about 2 hours from Otavalo by bus, in the rural  community of Pucará.  Manager is Peter Shear, +593 98684 9950.  You can do homestays with local families.  This is not one for those who require 5 star accommodation, but it's great if you'd like to meet Intag people. Spectacular views.

Los cedros cloudforest reserve in Intag.
This is about 17,000 acres of pristine cloudforest reserve.  First class destination for birdwatchers, also botanists, mycologists and zoologists - (around 200 bird species have been spotted).  Very remote,  a good choice  if you are a birding and/or nature fan.

Intag cloudforest reserve and learning centre
Guesthouses, birdwatching, conservation in Intag.  Owned and run by Carlos Zorilla, who is a renowned ornithologist and the leader of successful attempts to save Intag from metal mining.  For info on the conservation work, Well worth visiting and supporting.  Only 1.5 hours from Otavalo by bus.  More info at

Ned and Patricia are happy to organise excursions to these and other destinations.  For more information, please email us at, or call us on ## 593 988461692.   The Cuellaje taxi drivers co-operative are also glad to help you reach these and other destinations (including Quito airport, which is a 4  hour ride from Cuellaje in Intag).