Important Note -  our accomodation  is currently closed, and we are working with Janet, Kevin , and Kirk Narum, at río Lindo Coffee farm  please check out their website for information on accomodation and food, and we very much hope to see you in Cuellaje. 

We leave this information up on the website, because it helps to give an impression of the sort of experiences that are available via Janet, Kevin and Kirk's coffee farm, and please note that the photos and prices refer to our farm in San Antonio. 

"Clean, quiet and comfortable" - this is our benchmark for your stay in our attractive, European-run guesthouses. We aim to ensure you leave Cloudforest adventure with happy memories of pleasant days and restful nights.  

Chalet-style accomodation.

Our rooms sleep 11 people. Accommodation comprises:
  • The Jasmin Room -  sleeps 4 people in single beds.
  • The honey suckle room -  sleeps 2 people in a double bed, with private bathroom
  • The Humming bird room -  sleeps 2 people in single beds.
  • The Octagonal house - completed in 2018, sleeps 3 people, one double bed, one single bed, private bathroom.
The price for all these rooms is $12 per person per night.
We offer delicious,  organic meals at low prices ( $2 for breakfast, $3.50 for lunch, and $2.50 for the evening meal).  Patricia cooks these meals, and it's remarkable how often visitors mention that they have not tasted better food elsewhere in Ecuador.  She keeps it simple, using the traditional ecuadorean recipes that she was brought up on.  It's also fine if you'd like to watch her at work in the kitchen, or help out and perhaps learn a new recipe.  Most of the ingredients come from our farms - a boost for your health aswell as for your enjoyment.

Staple foods at cloudforest adventure include
  • Organic vegetables and salads - almost all home-produced.
  • a  range of grains, andean root crops, different varieties of avocados
  • Lots of different home-grown fruits and berries.
  • organic, free-range eggs
  • organic cheese from our own grass-fed cows
  • fresh trout
  • organic chicken
  • organic grass-fed beef 
The local coffee (from Patricia's mum's farm) is good - shade -grown, organic coffee.   We welcome vegetarians/vegans, and it's fine to tell us about any dietary preferences you may have.